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Get Yourself Fit With a Luxury Garden Gym

Finding the time to visit the gym and get fit can be incredibly challenging – so why not bring the gym to you! Our luxury garden gyms can provide the perfect space for you to work out in comfort and style.

Here at Eco Rooms, our mission is to help you create the ultimate home gym; our high-quality garden rooms are the ultimate addition to any property. Our fully insulated and stand-alone units can enhance your home, letting you use it all year round. There are many benefits to adding a garden gym, including:

1. Created around you

Do you find that when you go to the gym, you only use certain machines? When you install a luxury garden gym, you will be able to build the exact space that you like that has been completed with all of the equipment you want.

2. Work out in peace

A garden gym is also a great way to let you work out in peace without having to worry about other gym users. That means no waiting around for machines to become free or having to go at inconvenient times to avoid peak times.

3. Convenience

A garden gym is also a highly convenient solution. After getting home from work, many of us are put off by the thought of travelling to the gym. A garden gym means you are always just a short walk away.

4. Cost effective

A gym garden is also a very cost effective solution. While there is an initial outlay, you will no longer need to pay expensive gym memberships, making it a worthwhile investment.

Why Choose Eco Rooms?

A garden gym is a great way to boost your fitness and enhance your property. Here at Eco Rooms, our mission is to provide our customers with the very best gyms, and we pride ourselves on our high-quality materials and construction techniques.

Our fully insulated rooms guarantee complete privacy, allowing you to work out in peace. All of our garden gym rooms also come with a ten-year guarantee and manufacturer warranties.


Broadway Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Cube Garden Room

The Broadway garden gyms are a stunning and simplistic design, providing you with ample space for your gym. Thanks to its square walls and versatility, these rooms are a fantastic addition to any garden.

Tetbury Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Canopy Garden Room

One of the most stylish solutions in our collection, the Tetbury range can transform any home. Coming with a unique additional canopy, you can also enjoy an exterior workout space to enjoy the good weather.

Kingham Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Concave Garden Room

Our elegant Kingham gym garden rooms are inspired by traditional Georgian design. These beautiful rooms are great if you have lots of sunlight, with the concaved design providing plenty of shade.

Blockley Garden Room 2 Compressed E1628501842195 Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Corner Garden Room

Want to create a unique corner gym? The Blockley gym range is a unique solution that not only adds unique style but offers you unrivalled space.

Witney Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


L Shape Garden Room

If you want to enjoy a truly stunning garden gym, the L shaped Witney range features two rooms, maximising the space you have for your gym.


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