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Increase Your Homes Size with Our Garden Houses

No matter whether you are looking to give your teenage children more space or you want an elderly family member to move home, garden houses are a fantastic addition to any property.

At Eco Rooms, we pride ourselves on delivering beautiful and highly functional garden homes that can help to transform the amount of usable space that you have in your property. Our eco-friendly solutions can be used all year round, giving you a unique addition to any home.

There are many benefits to adding a garden house to your home, including:

1. Additional living space

The biggest benefit of adding a garden house to your home is that it helps to significantly enhance the amount of living and recreational space that you have available. This highly versatile room can be used to give your teenage and young adults their own independent space or allow elderly relatives who might need support to move closer to home.

2. Cost effective

Adding a garden house is also a very cost effective modification to make to your property. Adding an extension to your property can be a very costly process, whereas a garden home gives you all of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

3. Quick to install

Not only is a garden house a cost effective solution to add to your property, but it is also a far simpler and faster installation. An extension to your home requires planning permission and months of construction, whereas a garden home can be quickly installed in a matter of days.

4. Fully customisable

Premium garden houses are also incredibly customisable solutions, allowing you to create the ultimate décor that can be designed to meet your needs. This ensures you can always have the perfect garden home.

Why Choose Eco Rooms?

If you are looking to add a garden house to your home, then Eco Rooms is here to help you. Our mission is to help bring your dream of a stunning garden house to life by giving you the ultimate space, no matter the garden size or budget you have.

All of our garden homes have been designed to be as private and comfortable as possible. Fully insulated, each space can be used throughout the year, and our team utilise the very best materials and construction techniques to guarantee a long-lasting and durable solution. In fact, we’re so confident in our garden houses that each option comes with a ten-year guarantee and manufacturer warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.


Broadway Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Cube Garden Room

The Broadway is our most simplistic style of garden house, offering the maximum amount of living space in a stylish and elegant design. Featuring squared sides and a deep front frame, the Broadway is able to transform any property.

Tetbury Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Canopy Garden Room

The Tetbury garden house is one of the most stylish in our range. Featuring a beautiful canopy on either side, the Tetbury also helps to provide additional sheltered outdoor space as needed.

Kingham Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Concave Garden Room

The Kingham range of garden houses is some of the most elegant in our collection. The Georgian-inspired design features innovative concaves that help to provide shade all day long in even the sunniest of gardens.

Blockley Garden Room 2 Compressed E1628501842195 Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Corner Garden Room

If you are seeking the perfect corner garden house, then the Blockley range is a fantastic addition to any garden. The spacious modern design offers complete comfort and can create a truly unique feature in any garden.

Witney Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


L Shape Garden Room

If you are seeking a larger garden house with multiple rooms, then the L shaped Witney range can transform any garden space. The stylish design will quickly become the feature point of any property, allowing you to easily expand your living and recreational room.



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