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Enjoy a Professional Office At Home with Our Premium Garden Offices

Have you found yourself working at home more often? Are you looking to create the ultimate garden office? These unique spaces can help you transform your remote working experience, helping you to escape the hustle and bustle of your house by giving you a peaceful area to work from.

Here at Eco Rooms, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best home garden offices possible. Our insulated properties will be able to help you improve the practicalities of your garden, giving you a space to work from all year round. There are many benefits to installing a garden office, including:

1. No commuting

One of the biggest benefits of installing a garden office in your home is that you will be able to ditch that dreaded commute. In 2019, research found that the average daily commuting time in the UK was 59 minutes. A garden office will mean you can cut your commute to just a few seconds walk, ensuring you can spend more time at home with your loved ones.

2. Save money

Not only can a garden office help you to reduce the time you waste each day commuting, but it can also help to save you significant amounts of money. While there is an initial outlay, with the average commute costing £1,738 a year (and significantly higher for those commuting into London), then it will not take long to recuperate that investment.

3. Enjoy more space

Have you found yourself working from the kitchen table or cramped into a small desk in the spare bedroom? Your garden office will give you all of the space that you need to work comfortably and professionally, ensuring you feel more relaxed.

4. Quick installation

Garden offices are a very quick installation too. Unlike construction which can take several months and be very disrupting to your home, garden offices can be installed in just a few days, minimising the impact on your personal life and quickly giving you a private space to work from.

Why Choose Eco Rooms?

Are you thinking of installing a garden office to your property? Here at Eco Rooms, our mission is to help you create the ultimate home office, ensuring you can work in peace. We pride ourselves on bringing your dream to life, which is why our premium solutions have been designed with you in mind.

Using the very best materials and construction techniques, our experienced team can help you to quickly transform your garden. We are so confident in our garden rooms that we offer a ten-year guarantee and manufacturer warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.


Broadway Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Cube Garden Room

The Broadway garden office is a fantastic space to work form, blending seamlessly into any garden style. Featuring modern and stylish squared sides and a deep front frame, the Broadway ensures you have the perfect home office.

Tetbury Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Canopy Garden Room

The Tetbury is a super stylish garden office that features a canopy over either side, allowing you to expand your space outside. The most economical in the range, this is the ultimate solution for customers looking to get the most value for their money.

Kingham Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Concave Garden Room

The Kingham concave garden office offers a truly elegant solution that is perfect for those gardens which get a lot of sunlight, with the concave helping to provide ample shade throughout the day. With an array of LED lighting on the overhang, the Kingham is also popular for those burning the midnight oil.

Blockley Garden Room 2 Compressed E1628501842195 Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


Corner Garden Room

If you are looking to tuck your garden office away into the corner of your garden, then the Blockley range is the perfect option. The modern and stylish design can help you to add a truly unique addition to your home, giving you ample space to work from every day.

Witney Garden Room 2 Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd


L Shape Garden Room

If you are looking to maximise your garden office space, then the L shaped Witney solution is the ultimate solution, acting as a multi-purpose space that can be separated into two separate rooms as required.


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