Creating a versatile multi purpose garden room is easier than you think with Eco Rooms. Our in house dedicated team are focused on providing the whole package that enables you to get the most from your garden room. From our advanced Configuration software we are able to create a 3D visualised building with drag and drop functionality enabling you to really create your perfect garden room from a completely blank canvas.


Adding Partition Walls

Adding additional walls to your garden room means that you are able to separate the floor plan into functional rooms. Whether this is adding toilets, kitchens, gyms or bedrooms.


Additional walls to create your own in house gym

 A popular choice of adding additional internal walls are to create a garden room with a social/entertainment area with a separate gym. We have manufactured many garden rooms to incorporate a separate room for exercise as the need for home gym’s is increasing. 

Garden Gyms Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd

Additional walls to create a home-office

By adapting the layout of your garden room you are able to add a home of office. With the number of people working from home full time after the coronavirus outbreak we are seeing a vast number of clients wanting to create that home hide-away office. Financing your garden room from your business could be an attractive approach to paying for the initial investment of the building.

Garden Office Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd

Eco Rooms are able to include ethernet ports and additional power sockets to enable you to work efficiently in your new garden office.


Common builds can also include having relaxing area and two offices so that you are not distracted from your partner or colleague. With separate access doors, acoustic insulation installed between the two offices you will really feel secluded and private while working.


Additional walls for class rooms

Eco Rooms have built several garden rooms for schools where the room is treated as a class room for activities such as story time or music lessons. We are able to create buildings that have several rooms each for each different activity.


Incorporating a home salon into your garden room

We have manufactured garden rooms consisting of a main entertainment/relaxing area with a separate room for a functionable home salon for Hair Dressers, Nail Technicians and Beauticians. This enables your garden room to house your business in a unique environment that your customers will love. Additional power sockets are available to be installed in specific locations if multiple seats are required.


Guest rooms – a fully private room for friends

By doubling up your garden room into a functioning spare room for weekend guests, our buildings are your perfect choice. Clients have chosen to opt for a main relaxing area with televisions, sofas and a built-in bar with a guest room to the back of the building with its own private door.

Garden Games Room Compressed Cotswold Eco Rooms Ltd

Games rooms

Use the configurator to include partition walls for the children; a common request in our garden rooms is that it is to include a “child zone” which can house child’s games, pool tables, ice hockey tables etc. By using a partition wall to create separate games rooms means you can relax in the main area of the garden room while the children are entertained in a separate room. Sounds good, right?